Do you love your skin?

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Do you love your skinOur skin goes through many transformations over a lifetime and the way we conduct our lives can contribute to the way our skin appears.  Healthy youthful skin radiates and is attractive, but as we age, the transformation of our skin begins and takes on an entirely new appearance that may be foreign to us. Preserving youthful skin is difficult because of natural aging process that interferes with the skin we desire, but there are ways of to maintain fresh, youthful skin, very natural ways that are not only affordable, but also often free!  However, they may require a lifestyle change.

We are surrounded by a society that loves to tan.  Everyone seems to love or have an appreciation for a good suntan – a golden suntan not only is physically attractive but also gives that healthy glow that people love.  However, obtaining that healthy glow is gambling with the long-term risks.  Most everyone is aware of the damage the sun can do to skin – there are warnings everywhere.  Precautions should be taken whenever you are going to be exposed to the sun.  The statistics are grim when it comes to sunbathing – if as an adult, you are sunburned just one time, you dramatically increase  developing melanoma If you have been burned as a child more than five times, the likelihood of melanoma is extremely high.  In addition, while most sun related skin cancers and melanomas are treatable if discovered early, they are painful and can cause disfiguration.

However, the sun in its splendor is not only the culprit for causing harmful cancers; it is also damaging to the skin and can radically change the appearance of many people.  The sun is the main contributor to premature aging.  There are many other contributing factors to premature aging of the skin; however, the sun is primarily the most significant and the most permanent in its damage and avoiding the sun is the best way to maintain a “youthful” healthy glow.

But there are other contributing factors to the changes in skin, some that can be helped and others that cannot.  As people, age the elasticity in our skin loosens up and skin begins to redefine itself and take on a much less appealing appearance.  Child bearing, smoking, genetics, diet, stress and even lack of exercise often contribute to the aging process of the skin.  The skin of a smoker, for example has been proven to develop signs of aging earlier than a non-smoker ages.  Fine lines and yellowing of the skin are common among a smoker.  The natural process of aging skin can be slowed down, but unfortunately not stopped.  The evidence of time on the skin can always be enhanced, but without injections or surgical procedures, it cannot be reversed.

As people mature, the skin will begin to thin – this is part of the natural aging process.  Because of the thinning of the skin, the appearance of women begins to change drastically.   This is not an easy process for anyone to go through.  Watching the skin morph into something that alters our appearance is difficult to embrace.  The changes, however, can be very subtle and taking precaution measures can slow down the process.

Subtle improvements in the skin over time can improve appearance and by making some simple lifestyle changes, you can begin to improve your skin and your appearance.  A very important, and underrated way of keeping the skin looking youthful is by drinking plenty of water and juices – keeping the skin hydrated is important because it sheds off the older dead skin and allows newer fresh skin cells to grow more quickly.   Lime juice and other juices high in vitamin C are great components to stimulate skin cell rejuvenation.

There are other natural home remedies that can be used to minimize aging signs as well as aid in redefining skin and stimulating healthy skin cells, however, if the reversing the damage caused by the sun is near impossible without the aid of more complex procedures like chemical peels, micro dermabrasions, and laser treatments.  Avoiding the sun will not give you that golden glow that so many strive for, but you will be able to maintain a youthful, healthy, radiant glow that will last for years.

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