How to manage your cholesterol

How to manage your cholesterolDue to poor diet and inactivity, the number of people with high cholesterol is spiraling out of control.  High cholesterol levels in the blood stream can quickly lead to cardiovascular disease which is the number one cause of death in the United States.  The real shocker is that you can easily manage your cholesterol simply by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.

Dangerously high cholesterol levels can cause the following over time:

If your doctor has confirmed that you have high cholesterol than it is time to take action before you end with an even bigger problem.  The risks of winding up with something potential fatal is too high to ignore!

Start by making healthy changes to your diet by choosing foods that will naturally lower your cholesterol level.  Doctors recommend that you eat vegetables and fruit that are high in fiber like corn, avocado and pears.  Foods that are also high in omega-3 fatty acid will help to lower your cholesterol.  Fish, oats, grains, nuts and green tea are all great choices if you are concerned about your cholesterol level.  It is also important that you avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, which will increase your cholesterol level.

Another necessary life change is incorporating regular exercise into your routine.  Exercise raises the levels of good HDL cholesterol and lowers unhealthy triglycerides.   It is easy to find 30 spare minutes a day to work up a sweat and lower your cholesterol.

Don’t wait until you are at a high risk of a heart attack to start lowering your cholesterol.  Simple lifestyle changes can quickly get your body back on the right track.

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