Understanding Metabolism:

Chemical processes going on continuously inside the body that allow life and normal functioning referred to as metabolism. These processes need energy from food. The amount of kilojoules (kJ) your body burns at any given time is regulated by your metabolism. Metabolism can’t be controlled, but through exercise you can make it work for you. Your body’s metabolism is controlled by nervous system and hormones. Your metabolism can be upset by a variety of events, including genetic disorders and hormonal problems.


There are two main parts of metabolism, which are monitored carefully to make sure they remain in balance

  1. Breakdown of food components that is then used to create energy.
  2. Energy used to either help build and repair body structure or stored in fat cells

What is the big deal of eating fatty foods?

When you eat a meal that is loaded with bad fat (saturated, trans fat), the amount of fat in the blood stream goes up significantly and it causes to release free radicals in excessive amount. This free radical irritates the fine lining of the arteries and cause inflammation and spasm.


Nearly everyone knows information about good and bad cholesterol and their coloesterol level. How many of us know about homocysteine? It is a by product of protein breakdown in our body. People with vit B deficiency cannot break it down, into more harmless products and will have extremely high levels of homocysteine, in their blood stream.

People with high levels of homocystein will develop heart disease and nearly 15% of heart attack and stroke are caused by higher levels of homocystein. Since there is no medication to lower the level of homocysteine in our blood stream doctors do not pay more attention to this condition. Taking folic acid, Vit B12 and Vit B6 is the only way to lower the levels of homocystein in the body most of the time.

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