Everything in moderation

Everything in moderationWe are natural weight bearers, not only physically (an unwelcoming fact for weight watchers and food lovers like me!) but mentally as well. Often we choose to carry excess weight without noticing the unconscious efforts, entailing a tangling sense of heaviness.

Apart from detoxing the body by eating healthily and engaging in regular physical exercises, we need to learn to calibrate our thinking process and put down those extra baggage.

We all like to be in control, to the extent that we overestimate our capacity to grasp everything in good hands. As the saying goes, everything in moderation. That includes thoughts and emotions. Even too much sugar turns into bitterness. When do we know if our wound-up, troubled mind is going out of whack and overloaded? The key is observation and self-knowledge, which comes with consistent, patient practice of yoga – I prefer to call it the Science of Life.

I recently injured myself (once again!) during my daily Ashtanga practice and I had no choice but to back away from the self-indulgence of pushing to the edge of ‘pseudo’ perfection. The ‘must-do’ attitude was dumping dead weights into the field of mind that was already swamped with life responsibilities and obligations, letting alone whether or not they are given good reasons to exist in the first place. It is accumulated wisdom to learn to drop weights from our practice which is ‘a one continuous mistake’ (quoted by the respectful Yogi Rodney Yee). This careful and well-deliberated mistake made me realise that there are a lot more around me that I can appreciate without actually holding on to them. I am in the saddle of my own thoughts, actions and feelings, placing a fine line between moderation and compulsion. Immoderation leads to disharmony, imbalance and eventually distress. Yoga does not only smart up our muscles by re-aligning the asymmetrical nature of our body, but also refine our mind by keeping the ‘think tank’ on a solid, stable pendulum.
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