Modern food

What is the current reality?

As we looked at before we don’t have what our ancestors had – that is food which contains all the natural nutrient and minerals. Since we invented the machinery to help mankind it also created disaster for us. Not only has the product been removed by the machines, but the whole plant. So the soil doesn’t recycle and use the nutrient that was used by the plant, which leaves the soil with less or no nutrient. The fertilizers that we use although it says have the necessary nutrient for soil is not sufficient for the plants. We do not give intervals between the cultivation since there is a constant need to feed more, and that exhausts the soil of its nutrient. We use pesticides to ward off any loss might be caused by unwanted visitors, also we use growth hormones to speed up the process and use genetical modification to change the look and feel of the product to help with marketing. The product that is picked mostly has been packaged, stored for longer period, and cooked with microwave.

After all these steps it ends up on your plate!!!

Do you think it has more nutrient or harmful substances?

Can we still say “I can get everything I need from food”?

Our stressful lifestyles, polluted environment, and over-medicated society lead our generation towards producing more free radicals than any previous generation. The amounts of antioxidant that can be obtained by the food sources to prevent or reduce the risk of degenerative diseases are poor or nil due to reasons discussed above. So our best option to provide balance to our body is by taking high quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements for the rest of our lives.


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