Natural Ways to Deal with the Dreaded Common Cold

Natural Ways to Deal with the Dreaded Common ColdWinter always brings with it one common illness, the common cold. Many remedies have been suggested for this condition but the results are usually not very satisfactory. In this post, we shall explore what this condition is, and how it can be handled.

Common Cold or Flu?

Many people can’t tell the difference between the common cold and influenza. Well, lab tests are the only way to tell them apart, if symptoms cannot show you which is which. Generally speaking, the common cold presents mild symptoms like body aches, a feverish feeling, a runny nose and body weakness.

Try as you may, you can never treat the common cold. It runs its course so all you can do is try to reduce the discomfort that comes with its symptoms. The body takes care of fighting the infection.

What You Can Do

Combat stress. When you are stressed, the release of stress hormones into your body compromises your immune system so it becomes very easy to catch the common cold. Stress makes the cold take long to cure because your body’s defences are down. Stress relief mechanisms like exercising, meditation, change of environment and so on can help your immunity to get back to working order so that it beats the cold.

Hydrate. You need to take plenty of fluids so that your body maintains its fluid balance as you battle the common cold. If you get dehydrated at this time, your symptoms such as headaches and body weakness will get worse. If you can, avoid cold fluids as they increase nasal congestion.

Have plenty of rest. When the immune system is battling an illness, it is worn down by that fight. Having plenty of rest allows the system to recover and continue the fight so that you recover in the shortest time possible.

Use an extra pillow when you sleep. This is helpful because it keeps the nasal cavity open so that you can breathe and rest at night. Nighttime is generally colder than during the day when your body is active. That added cold makes the congestion in your respiratory tract worse so using an extra pillow takes pressure off your sinuses and you will breathe much better.

Take a Hot Shower. A hot shower will do wonders for your aching body and stuffed nose. The water will loosen up any mucus in your system and you will breathe much better afterwards. A steam shower is also a very good way to ease symptoms of the common cold because it helps to open your respiratory system.

Gargle a mixture of warm water and salt in order to get relief from an itchy or dry throat. You can do this about four times each day.

When all is said and done, all you can do is let your immune system do its work. An immunity booster is especially good during the winter when the common cold holds sway. Over the counter medications may provide some relief but they come with undesirable side effects so stick to the “home remedies” as much as possible.

So, how have been fortifying yourself against this infection, and what do you do once it corners you? Share your experiences and tricks in the comments below!

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