Help with Overeating

Help with OvereatingWhat’s the difference between eating a broccoli and a slice of juicy cheese pizza? Apart from the obvious health benefits, the taste of course! We all know that broccoli is better for our health, but just looking at that pizza makes you drool, doesn’t it?

You’ve probably had those moments when ‘just one bite’ turns into a whole plate. And who can blame you? It feels good and it’s tasty! However, the ‘not so good’ feeling comes a few minutes after you’ve finished eating. The guilt feeling steps in and consumes you. But it’s too late now!

How Can We Stop Overeating?

What If You Do Overeat?

Rule number one: Don’t be so hard on yourself and stop feeling guilty!

Rule number two: Wait! Yes, just wait. Don’t throw up or try to run or anything like it. Wait until you feel better, and then avoid eating heavy foods for the next day or two.

If these tips don’t help you, supplements like Digestive Enzyme can help you digest a large meal better, so that you can avoid that awful feeling of being full.

Detoxing the system:

This is for people who are seriously considering detox

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