Happy New Year 2016

The Complete Guide to Build a Gym at Home

The Complete Guide to Build a Gym at HomeNo matter if you cannot attend workout sessions in gym. The men who want to lose their weight, gain body muscles or want to develop six pack muscles have got a number of options that help them to perform variety of workouts at their home. The several workout equipment or devices are available in the market that enables you to bring a gym at your home. Home workouts for men require few home gym systems that help them to complete their workout routines at the high level of comforts of their home. At home, they can perform the workout at their own pace without any pressure and time limit. It is the easiest way to stay fit and healthy without disrupting the other daily activities.

5 Amazing Changes Yoga Brought In Me

5 Amazing Changes Yoga Brought In MeThere are many at times in life that we face some unwanted and non-preferable situations. The negative impact is that all these situations are just unavoidable and bound come. No human being can survive his entire life without facing troubles or difficulties. And that is how we understand and admire the art of being happy. The key to the solution here lies in understanding of finding ways to overcome such difficulties and get rid of them.


I would like to share some personal issues with you. Several months ago, I was going through such phase of my life when everything, including my existence, seems meaningless. My best friend was worried the way I used to behave in those days (I can understand why!). She then suggested me to start doing yoga on a regular basis. At first I thought how a simple meditation like thing can sort out the big troubles I am facing, but when I actually started it, the rest became a history!

How to Cope With a Colicky Baby

How to Cope With a Colicky BabyColic is referred to an uncomfortable condition in which a child, less than 5 months, cries for over three hours a day, over three days a week, for more than three weeks.

Colic in babies does not pose any threat to health and life of the child. However, the tantrums can be real tricky to cope up with. The exact causes of colic in babies are not known and usually a colicky baby is healthy in terms of growth and development. The possible causes of colic appear are a gassy tummy, hormonal changes, etc. Colic usually goes away without any treatment in a period of 4 months. However, you must take simple steps to relieve and comfort the baby because the persistent crying can have a negative effect upon the mother’s psychological health. It surely hurts the parents in their heads to see their child crying at the top of their lungs.

How Important Is Adequate Sleep for You

How Important Is Adequate Sleep for YouHow many hours of sleep do you get a night? Do you think you are doing fine on just 5-6 hours of shut-eye? Chances are you are sleep deprived and do not know it. According to research, most people need at least seven to eight hours of sleep to function properly. Not getting enough sleep at night can affect your health and can actually cut years off your life. Over time, insufficient sleep tends to affect many aspects of our health including memory, learning, creativity, productivity, emotional stability, as well as your physical health.