Passive smoking

We might say that we don’t smoke but have you ever been to a public place/work place where there is people smoking around you, even at home our family members smoke indoors. When you inhale the smoke from a person standing next to you, it is called ‘passive smoking’ .

Tobacco smoke inside a room tends to hang in mid-air rather than disperse. Hot smoke rises, but tobacco smoke cools rapidly, which stops its upward climb. Since the smoke is heavier than the air, the smoke starts to descend. A heavy smoker who smokes indoors causes a permanent low-lying smoke cloud that other householders have no choice but to breathe.

Tobacco smoke contains around 4,000 chemicals and about 60 of which are known to cause cancer. So the next time we saw someone smoking we should not be around them especially with kids. Both smoking and passive smoking can seriously harm an unborn child.

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