The Perils of Obesity

What is the result of Obesity?

The perils of ObesityObesity is an ever growing problem in the United States, as well as globally.  Weight is a nasty culprit of many diseases including heart disease as well as heart failure.  It is a direct link to diabetes; hypertension and higher cholesterol levels. We know that obesity in many causes’ problems with the joints as well.  Weight gain and weight control are contributing factors to many physical ailments with people.  For most, weight gain occurs and becomes excessive when people do consume too many calories, and not enough exercise.

There are many life impairing side effects that come with being obese, or significantly overweight.  One of them is fatigue.  When a person is extremely overweight, most people know that the heart has to work much harder than normal in order to transport oxygen throughout the body.  The extra weight a person carries can make it an arduous task to get around often leaving them drained and fatigued.  A sedentary lifestyle becomes acceptable to them because moving around has become so laborious.

Because obesity causes extreme fatigue, a person can no longer get the required sleep they need.  Most obese people are also dealing with sleep apnea, compounding the already fatigues person.  This becomes an endless battle for someone battling weight – they need to lose the body weight but are too tired and unable to move in that direction.

Obesity will also impede on a person’s ability to move.  Extra weight makes moving around difficult on the joints, knees, and back – the monumental pressure on these parts of the body are unfair.  Exerting the extra energy compounded with the pain in moving around and the embarrassment they feel often leave an obese person feeling like a prisoner in their body.

A person who is battling obesity is dealing with many emotional components.  The social aspect of being obese is painful for many.  They often experience embarrassment as a result of chairs that are too small, stalls that are too small, and an increased inability to perform their daily tasks.  The physical obstructions of obesity deals with health issues on a daily basis.  Many of the health issues they struggle with are they are aware of, but there are many health issues lurking behind the scenes that they may not be aware are a result of their obesity.

And now, another health hazard has been linked to obesity making it very discouraging to many who battle the unwanted padding. Obesity has been linked to many forms of cancer.  Obesity does not cause cancer; however, studies have shown that there is a strong defining link between obese people and certain types of cancer.  People with excess body weight are in a higher risk cater for postmenopausal breast cancer.  In addition, studies have shown that these women who are diagnosed with the cancer have a more severe prognosis than those women who are more slender.  Women that are in the obese category, or severe excessive weight have a higher risk of a reoccurrence in the cancer, or even death.

There is enough significant evidence that obesity is a direct link to breast cancer and the reoccurrence of breast cancers.  But in addition to the link between the two, evidence has also proven that obesity has also been linked to prostate cancer.  There is evidence that shows more men who are obese are likely to die from prostate cancer than those men with a normal weight.

The weight crisis is an alarming crisis that is leading to more and more health related issues.  With more than fifty percent of the population being overweight and twenty-five percent that are obese, and rising this is a global health disaster that must be addressed.  It is safe to say that the majority of obese people eat a diet that is high in fat, and because fat content has been an associated link to many types of cancer.  There is some ambiguity in obesity and several suggested cancers, however, overall, there is substantial evidence based on clinical tests that have proven that obesity is a contributor to cancer and the reoccurrence of cancer.

The solutions seem so easy and are not solutions that will financially imposition a lifestyle.  However, if these issues of obesity are not dealt with the perpetual deterioration of life will ultimately prove costly at every level.  Because obese people have a higher risk of health ailments, and have developed many that require treatment, the financial burden for families as well as a global impact is monumental.  And the most disturbing fact is, it can be controlled, but for some reason, it is extremely out of control.

Finding the right diet and exercise plan that works for you may take a little research.  A plan that will not make you feel defeated or deprived is very important in the successful outcome of your diet.  Setting goals is equally important in success but most important is a commitment to a lifestyle change.  Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the first stepping stone towards success.  And with this choice, a transformation will take place that will not only benefit you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.


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