Is Using Plastic Fantastic or Horrific?

Is Using Plastic Fantastic or Horrific?Plastic is everywhere. Water bottles, baby bottles, baby toys, toy cars, and car interiors are all made with some form of plastic. Almost everything you buy is either made from plastic, made by using something plastic, or at the very least it is packaged inside of plastic.

Unfortunately people are only now questioning whether or not it is really safe.

Plastic once had a strong reputation for being a superior and durable substance that fit well within the cost-efficient budgets of manufacturers. It is the number one manufacturing materials, but recent studies are causing savvy consumers to be concerned about some of its uses.  

The Green Generation

Most manufacturing companies still appreciate its benefits and they are willing to spend millions on marketing campaigns geared at changing this new wave of thinking. Thankfully the next generation is finally realizing the harmful chemicals in plastic and the danger to the environment are not really worth the minor cost-savings. Green manufacturing appears to be the direction the world is headed in and I doubt plastic will be along for the ride.

Plastic is Not Fantastic

Not only is it not fantastic, it is not safe. There are thousands of chemicals found in most commercial plastic products and the majority of the research that has been done on their safety has been conducted by people who are employed in the plastic industry.

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is one of the most well-known chemical found in plastic and it has been linked with diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disorders. BPA is so dangerous that it has banned in the production of baby bottles in several states after it gained media attention for causing sexual mutations and birth defects. Sadly it is still being used despite the scary studies on its adverse effects because it is the most affordable way to make plastic shatterproof.

Plastic is Horrific

Besides being dangerous to our health, plastic also makes up a lot of our world’s toxic waste dumps since it is not easily biodegradable. Many people do choose to recycle their plastic products, but studies have suggested that the new products made from the recycled plastic are even more toxic than the original.

Plastic might be a good product for things that you want to last a long time like a plastic shelf or plastic laundry basket, but there should be limits on its use. If it is toxic enough to be banned for baby bottles, it should be banned from any product that has the potential for ingestion. Companies should also reduce the amount they use for disposal purposes like packaging. Any step to cut out plastic is a step in the right direction.

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