How to recognize and prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Recognise and Prevent Type 2 DiabetesAs most American’s diets becoming increasing unhealthier, the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes also increases. Fortunately, Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented if you catch the signs early enough. If you have noticed any of the following symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor and ask to have your blood sugar level tested.

1)       Excessive thirst & hunger

2)       Frequent urination

3)       Unexplained fatigue

4)       Blurred vision

5)       Unexpected weight fluctuations

There are natural ways that you can take charge of your health and regulate your blood sugar levels once you realize that you are at risk of Diabetes. Regulating your blood sugar is about finding the right balance in your diet between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

The most effect method is to simply reduce your intake of foods that are high in sugar. You would be surprised to know how many seemingly healthier choices are actually bad for diabetics.  It makes sense to avoid cake, bread, donuts, cookies, soft drinks or juice, since they are all high in complex sugars, but you should also avoid saturated and trans fats, especially cheese and butter.

Even some fruits are not good choices if you are at risk or have already been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Choose apples, blueberries, kiwi or pears instead of watermelons, grapes, oranges, and bananas which are all high in sugar.  You should also choose to pair healthy fruit choices with complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber like vegetables, beans, fruits, and whole grains instead.

Another problematic dietary issue for diabetics is too much salt.  Sodium is found in so many different things we eat and it can quickly increase your blood pressure and cause inflammation, which are both factors related to diabetes.  Drink more milk and water to naturally lower your blood pressure and help you to reduce inflammation.

Diet and exercise are fundamental in the battle against Type 2 Diabetes.  You should start exercising for at least 30 minutes per day and walk as often as possible.  You can reverse the effects of diabetes simply by maintaining a healthy body weight.  The better shape you are in physically, the more likely you will be able to eventually beat diabetes.

Having diabetes also means that you are more likely to develop problems with your feet, such as foot ulcers and infections.   High blood glucose levels can also damage the nerves in your feet.  Proper foot care is essential if you are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Make sure you keep your nails short and that you wash your feet daily with warm water. Wear properly fit shoes and check your feet regularly for any cuts, blisters or grazes. You may not be able to feel them if there is damage to the nerves in your feet.

Type 2 Diabetes is an expensive, inconvenient and potential deadly disease that you have the power to stop.  It puts you at high risk of cardio-vascular trouble, especially if you are also a smoker.  Your health is too important to sacrifice to something so dangerous, when you have the power to prevent it.

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