The Real Dangers of Obesity

The Real Dangers of ObesityPoor nutrition and lack of physical activity is causing obesity to quickly become an epidemic almost everywhere around the world. In 2012, it was estimated that there are 520,000 people in the world who are considered to be obese. That number has been on a steady increase for decades and is not expected to go down when numbers are revealed for 2013.

Psychological Dangers

Obesity can lead to depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Many people will choose to cut themselves off from the rest of the world out of shame or fear. They are afraid people will judge them for their size, so they stay indoors and turn to food for comfort. That is why it is so easy for someone who has already reached the point of being considered obese to quickly spiral out of control. They don’t want to be seen in public, so they spend the majority of their time secluded.

There are countless other damaging psychological issues associated with being overweight that can affect your quality of life, but the underlying health concerns are the really dangerous consequences of obesity. Most people who are obese live sedentary lifestyles that affect their overall health and wellbeing.

Type 2 Diabetes

One of the most common dangers of obesity is type 2 diabetes, which is why the diagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes is also on the rise. It is estimated that 366,000,000 people worldwide are living with type 2 diabetes, which is approximately 70% of the total obese population. If diabetes is not properly treated with both a healthy diet and insulin, it can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, and even death.

Heart Disease

People that are overweight are more likely to have high blood pressure and higher levels of cholesterol, which are both contributing factors of heart disease. If obesity leads to heart disease, you are a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a very serious danger of being obese, since it can constrict your airways while you are sleeping. The airways of the obese individual become obstructed when the enlarged tongue, large tonsils, and excess fat around the neck, all starts to press down on their airways when the throat (pharyngeal) muscles are relaxed during sleep. Individuals with this disorder usually suffer from constant fatigue, headaches, listlessness and they can fall asleep almost anywhere.

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Avoid dangers of obesity:

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