Refined Flour

Facts about white flour:

Refined flourWhen it comes to refined  flour, it doesn’t contain all the beneficial nutrients that nature originally put into them. The bran, the fiber, and most of the vitamins and minerals have been stripped away, leaving a bland, white, longer-lasting and shelf-stable product. Research shows white flour has only 20 percent of the vitamins and minerals and 25 percent of the fiber of the original wheat kernel. That’s the reason a lot of bread products are “enriched” with vitamins and minerals — they don’t contain enough to mention otherwise. A diet of refined foods leaves many women malnourished, constipated, enervated and vulnerable to chronic illness.

Carbohydrates that harm us and carbohydrates that heal us depends on their fiber content. Products that are made out of refined white flour and white sugar usually have very little fiber and are very processed. Fiber-filled carbohydrates are better since fiber provides a barrier for your digestive system — otherwise the carbohydrates get turned into sugar immediately. It has known that most Americans eat around 12 grams of fiber a day, while the recommended daily intake ranges from 20 to 45 grams. But we are over consuming carbohydrates! Whenever you reach for a box of cereal, a loaf of bread, or any other product made with flour, always reach for the brand that lists whole wheat or another whole grain as the first ingredient. And also check the fiber content and go with the one that has the most fiber per serving.

The more refined foods a person eats, the more insulin must be produced to manage it. As we know insulin promotes the storage of fat, making way for rapid weight gain, which can lead to heart disease. Over time, the pancreas gets so overworked that insulin production comes to a halt, and low blood sugar or diabetes sets in. Either way, the body is getting little or no fuel from the food you eat and tries to convert muscle and fat into energy.

Have you ever asked why the color of white bread is so white when the flour taken from wheat is not? It’s because the flour used to make white bread is chemically bleached, like you bleach your clothes. So when you are eating white bread, you are also eating residual chemical bleach. Flour mills use different chemical bleaches, all of which are pretty bad. Here are a few of them: oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl and benzoyl peroxide mixed with various chemical salts.


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