Why rest, relaxation and sleep are all important factors in a healthy life!

Rest, relaxation and sleepIn today’s busy world, many people do not put any focus on their own personal well-being. We become so consumed with our professional careers and our personal lives that we neglect the very vessel that keeps us alive.
We cannot achieve success in the rest of our lives if we are not functioning at our best. It is not only essential that we physically take care of ourselves, but we also need to allow for time to relax and rejuvenate our bodies. Life can be very stressful and chaotic. It sometimes seems impossible to truly relax, but we need to find ways to let go if we want to stay healthy.
Our bodies are more than just tissue, organs and muscle. We need to make sure we give just as much attention to our mental and spiritual wellbeing as we give to the rest of our body. Mediation has been proven to reduce stress and to eliminate tension within our bodies.
Meditation is a mental discipline where you attempt to go beyond the conditioned “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. The goal of meditation is to focus deeply enough to control your breathing, quiet your mind and heighten your awareness.
Through successful meditation you will learn how to tap into your mind and become increasing aware of your thoughts. This technique will give you better control over your reaction in situations that are emotional or upsetting.
Meditation is easy to fit into your daily schedule. All it takes is small portion of your day in a quiet and relaxing environment. Find a level spot to sit and be sure to turn off any possible distractions and outside noises. Focus on your posture and keep your back straight which will help with your breathing later on.
While keeping your spine straight, try to relax the rest of your body. Think about everything from your fingers to your toes and allow every inch of limbs and face to truly relax. Now focus on your breathing. Concentrate on each inhale and exhale. Silence your mind and focus on only clearing your mind of all thought.
Achieving a meditational state will help you distress while relaxing your mind as well as your body. The deep focus also helps you to reprioritize your life and gain insight into your deepest concerns. Many people find the answers to their troubles simply by first clearing them from your mind.
Another important aspect of taking better care of your body is ensuring that you are getting enough sleep. So many people overbook themselves and they don’t allow ample time for rest and recovery. A lack of sleep can contribute to your risk of heart attack or stroke and it has been proven to increase your chance of depression and obesity. A good night sleep helps to repair your body, to improve your memory function and it makes you feel more alert and energetic. There are so many health benefits to sleeping and it is one of the easiest things we can do.
Rest, relaxation and a good night sleep needs to be pretty high on your priority list. We spend so much of our lives taking care of our daily responsibilities that we often forget that we need to take care of ourselves first. It is important to schedule time for mental relaxation into your daily routine to maintain a balanced life.

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