Root cause of inflammation

If heart disease and aging of arteries are the cause of low-grade inflammation over a prolonged period of time, then it is up to us to try avoiding those things that cause that inflammation.

Dr. Ross listed several different causes of inflammation of our arteries in his review article found in the New England Journal of Medicine:

Two best things that will help reduce heart disease:

As we discussed in previous post Heart disease about statin drugs, it is still a confusion of which characteristic of the drugs help reduce the heart disease. Is it the anti inflammatory or lowering cholesterol. It is believed that if the body has excess amount of antioxidant to neutralize the effect of the oxidization the levels of cholesterol in our body would not be a concern.

Fish oils contains large amounts of essential fats. These are healthy good fats which not only lower cholesterol, raise good (HDL) cholesterol but also significantly decrease inflammation in our bodies including arteries. Since fish oil capsules pose absolutely no risk, it is a great idea to take purified, pharmaceutica-grade fish oil capsules along with a quality, pharmaceutical-grade Antioxidant.

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Consumption of Potato Chips Creates Inflammation

A study just reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutritional stated that chronic consumption of fried foods, such as potato chips, sharply increases inflammation in your arteries. The investigators evaluated 14 healthy subjects that consumed potato chips daily for one month. They then checked markers for oxidative stress and inflammation and found a significant increase in all of them. The researchers point out that foods exposed to high heat during cooking contain acrylamides: toxic chemical linked to the proinflammatory state.

The investigators concluded, “These novel findings seem to indicate that chronic ingestion of acrylamide-containing products induces a proinflammatory state, a risk factor for progression of atherosclerosis.” – Dr Ray Strand

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I just finished reading The H-Factor, and was wondering if there is an easy way to drop homocysteine levels? I have seen a couple products that claim to help lower homocysteine levels. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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