Six Secrets to a Younger Looking You

Six Secrets to a Younger Looking You The body is an amazing self correcting and self maintaining organism. However, this is only true for as long as we maintain it in balance and healthy. In this article, you will learn six fundamental secrets, in fact natural strategies, to a younger looking you. These are secrets because they have been lost to a society that depends on fast foods and practices sedentary lifestyle.

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Here are the secrets discussed:

Secret #1: Building and maintaining your muscles

Despite the importance of this factor, it is often overlooked as we age. In case you didn’t know, muscles are the powerhouse of the body. A healthy, lean muscle mass is important to the immune system for reduced risks of osteoporosis and diabetes. Always exercise your muscles and monitor your active tissue mass for a younger looking you.

Secret #2: Drink plenty of filtered, clear water daily          

Our body is 60-80% water. We are “just big and hairy bags of water”. Every healing and life giving process that occurs inside our body depends on water. Dehydration results in impaired physiological performance and responses. More water means less fatigue and increased efficiency of body functions.

Secret #3: Skin care

We all know that fruits and vegetables prevent diseases. Now, another fact is that they can also help improve your skin tone and look. Some great skin care products provide the skin with vitamin C and linoleic acid which lower fats and carbohydrate intakes for better skin-aging appearance. Be aware of your skin type and skin concerns. Our skin changes with the season and it’s therefore necessary to adjust accordingly.

Secret #4: Supplement your diet with Essential Fatty Acids

Foods that are low in fat are very common nowadays, and for a reason. However, eliminating all fat is not correct. The body requires two very essential fatty acids for proper functioning; Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats at balanced levels.

Secret #5: Maintenance of an alkaline diet

Nothing ages quicker than acidic diet. Human blood should have a pH of about 7.35 – 7.45. Anything below or above this range implies aliens or disease. Acidic pH may occur from acid forming diets. Only alkaline minerals can help the body to compensate for acidic Ph. Natural supplements contain calcium and magnesium to help buffer the acidity. Target a diet that contains at least 70% alkaline foods and 30% acid foods.

Health Secret #6: Minimize stress and release of negative emotions

There exist interactions between the immune system and the mind. Therefore, stress and negative emotions can result in many diseases like diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune diseases and heart related problems. Obviously, there are occasions when we all fall prey to stress and negative emotions. However, you can train yourself to recognize and address them before they take you prisoner. Meditate and always give your body time to deal with these feelings. Where possible find a practitioner to help release these emotions that are controlling your life.

Action Steps toward Younger You:

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