Getting into shape!

Shaping up for this New Year!

Getting into shapeHere we are entering another new year. The festive season have blessed us with a few extra kilos and we are looking at ways to shed them. Every year most of us welcome it with a ‘New year’s resolution’. Correct me if I am wrong,  but the most common resolution everyone has every year is ‘weight loss‘.

I think that is a wonderful and most rewarding resolution. Not only it helps you look good, but it also helps you feel good. It is the best gift you can give to your body. In the long run it is going to reward your body from being degenerative disease free.

But with weight loss comes stress. We are bombarded with weight loss programs and products everyday through media and internet. Choosing the right program for you becomes a burden. From my research I found that weight loss products are the same as hayfever tablets, as in the result for the same product differ from person to person. The product that work for one does not work for another. Finding the right one is the key.

Nowadays people want result within a short period without putting much effort. Is this mentality came as a result of our fast moving life style? or because we are getting lazy? I want to remind you that “slow and steady wins the race”. Every little bit that you do every single day will give you result in the long run.

I have discussed various topics, that  you need to understand before you start choosing the right program for you.  So I don’t think it is necessary to bombard you with further information.

  1. Detox 1
  2. Detox 2
  3. Detox 3
  4. Metabolism
  5. Understanding weight gain
  6. Glycemic Index

9 ways to speed up your weight loss:

  1. Work exercise into your routine so it isn’t a chore. 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day is recommended.
  2. Get enough sleep as adequate sleep avoids you seeking additional food to attempt to get some energy
  3. Drink 2 litres of fluid per day. I litre pure water and the other can make of herbal tea, green tea, mineral water
  4. Break up your meals into 5 or 6 smaller ones
  5. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake – these are packed with vitamins which will ensure you exude health and vitality.
  6. Increase your fibre – choose whole grain pasta and bread which makes you feel more satisfied.
  7. Decrease your fat intake – try for no more than 30 grams per day and make it healthy fats
  8. Don’t eat late night snack. Try not to eat for atleast 1 hour before going to bed as you burn less of the food you’ve eaten when you’re asleep.
  9. Take quality supplement to fill the nutritional gap.

– Source Healthy & Heartwise

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