Simple Office Exercises to Help You Remain Fit and Healthy

Simple Office Exercises to Help You Remain Fit and HealthyThese days, many people spend most of the hours of the day in their offices. When they get out of the office, they are so tired such that they cannot find time to go to the gym, and do some few exercises. As it is always advised and recommended, to stay healthy, you must exercise.


Because of the sedentary lifestyle that we lead these days, we are at high risk of developing various health complications and diseases now, or later in life such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, etc.  However, there are simple office exercises that you can do while at the office, to help you remain fit and healthy. These exercises may seem simple, but their impact on your health is really great.




This is simple, yet highly effective exercisers which you can do anytime you are in the office. For example, instead of sending an e-mail to your workmates, walk to their place of work and deliver that message verbally. When   getting to your office in the morning, do not use staircases, walk to the office.  The habit of sending emails, using staircases to get office, makes us highly in mobile while at the office, and this has negative effect on our health.




In the course of the day while at the office, you are likely to feel tired, sloppy, little bit confused, generally fatigued.  All this happens because your body is trying to tell you something; that it’s exhausted.  To help your body remain fit and active throughout the day, you should engage in simple exercises of stretching, after being seated for several hours.  You can do the stretching exercises while seated, or when standing.




When you take a tea or lunch break, instead of going out with your fellow workmates, remain in the office for some few minutes and then do some sit-ups.  Do the sit-ups as quickly as you can.  The quick action will rejuvenate the body and get rid of that tiredness, which many people experience after long hours of working in the office.


Make it a habit to engage in these simple exercises everyday you are at work, and set aside one day of the week for serious workouts at the gym, and you will remain fit and healthy.

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