Simple Stress Relieving Techniques that Work!

Simple stress relieving strategiesStress is a natural part of everyone’s life. Fortunately, we all have the power to reduce the impact stress is having on our lives as it is happening. By practicing simple stress relieving techniques you will be able to stay in control of your reaction when stress starts to interfere with your life.

Recognizing the signs of stress is the first step in learning how to effectively relieve it. In the hectic world we live in, many people spend so much time in a stressed state, that they have forgotten what it feels like to be truly relaxed. There always seems to be some concern or worry consuming our minds that prevents us from simply enjoying life.  Living a stress-free life involves maintaining a calm state of focus on only what really matters.1. Accept that life is not perfect

There is no point in wasting precious time stressing over things you cannot control. Your life will never be perfect. Money, family, work, health, and other factors will cause you to worry. Do whatever you can to improve your situation and then accept the fact that there are negative aspects to your life that you cannot change.

2. Find relaxing coping strategies

There are countless proven techniques for coping with stress. It could be something more targeted like meditation or yoga, or something that is simply soothing like a warm bath. It all depends on what works for you. Test a few different methods and choose one that calms both your body and mind.

3. Talk about it with a good friend

Talking about your stress with a good listener can make you feel instantly better. Friends can offer helpful advice on how to cope with the stress while providing you with an opportunity to free vent about how you are feeling. Sometimes all it takes is saying it out loud to put it into perspective.

4. Focus on positive images and experiences

If you’re a visual person, you can manage and relieve stress by surrounding yourself with soothing and uplifting images. If you don’t have the image in front of you can also close your eyes and visualize a positive image or experience. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder of all that is good in your life to remind you that there are more important things to focus on rather than stress.

5. Use exercise to relieve stress

Stress relieving exercises can be anything from a long, relaxing walk to a high-energy aerobic workout. Exercise burns away chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine that can lead to stress. At the same time, vigorous exercise releases uplifting endorphins that can literally boost your spirits. Other chemicals like dopamine and serotonin are also released in the brain during exercise. Combining these chemicals will provide a feeling of calmness and security that can alleviate stress.

6. Break-free from technology

Our lives are consumed with technology. By taking a short break from computers, mobile phones, and television you will create a more peaceful environment to focus on the real root of your stress. Some people turn to these distractions as a method of avoiding stress, when in reality they can actually add unnecessary stress.

Life is short. There is no point in wasting any of it being stressed-out. Start by accepting that life is not perfect, look for coping strategies that work for you, talk about it with friends or family, focus on the good in your life, exercise, and take a break from technology. All of these are simple stress-relieving techniques that really work.


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