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Portion Size

Portion SizeAs we all know portion sizes, when it comes to any meal has increased. Compared to the portion size served 20 years ago, it has increased significantly in parallel with the increased incidence of obesity. Nowadays everyone worry about providing value for money, to be in business for a long time. This goes hand in hand with the mentality of “wanting more for less”. It could be due to the financial difficulty most people face with less money and more to feed.

From Restaurants to supermarket and even to wending machines portion sizes have increased and people misunderstand the portion size as to a single serving size. Education as to the difference of these sizes and understanding the consequences are very important in determining future health of an individual. Especially teaching the kids about the difference might save them from obesity and degenerative diseases.

According to current research, we eat more when there is:

Difference between serving size and portion size:

Many of us tend to underestimate the amount of food we eat and tend to overestimate the recommended portion sizes for many foods.

A serving size is a reference amount of food as defined by Health Canada.

A portion size is the amount of food that you put on your plate and that you plan to eat in one sitting. Depending on the food, your portion size may be one or more servings according to the Food Guide.

Four tips to the perfect portion : By Amanda Clark. Author of “Portion Perfection

  1. Reduce portion size by choosing a smaller plate, bowl and glass.
  2. Reduce energy density at evening meals through nutritional balance.

3. Buy single serves of snack foods with around 100 calories per serve.
4. Avoid drinks that contain energy – choose water instead.

Understanding portion sizes: Meals matter


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