Sleep Disorder

Understanding and overcoming sleep disorders

Sleep DisorderWe looked at how sleep is important for our health in the previous post. And today I want to get into a little bit more on some of the main sleep disorders.

Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea is a period of time during which breathing stops or is markedly reduced. In short, a sleep apnea occurs when a person stops breathing for 10 seconds or more.

It is a true breathing obstruction, which requires the person to awaken to begin breathing again. Even though he wakes up many times a night to regain breathing, he usually remembers nothing at all about the awakenings.

It is a dangerous and progressive sleep disorder and it gets worse as you age.


It is characterised as  inability to sleep satisfactorily or to have no sleep at all, is one of the most common sleep disorders. It is caused by restlessness, sleep interruptions, decreased sleeping time than the usual, or sometimes complete wakefulness.

It has one or more of the following:

Insomnia, is not a disease, but a symptom of a physical and emotional imbalance or just manifestation of fatigue caused by lack of sleep.

Although this condition is usually temporary, insomnia may be classified based on the length of time it has affected the patient.


While you sleep, the muscles of your throat relax, your tongue falls backward, and your throat becomes narrow.  When air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, it causes the tissues to vibrate as you breathe, creating hoarse  sounds, which is called snoring.

The narrower the airway , the greater the vibration and the louder the snoring gets. Sometimes the walls of the throat collapse completely so that it is completely blocked, creating a condition called apnea and this is a serious condition, which requires medical attention.

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