Why Smoking Is Not Just Bad for You but Also for Others around You

Why Smoking Is Not Just Bad for You but Also for Others around YouThe harmful effects of smoking are extremely well known but the overall impact of passive smoking is also extensive. Even though the health risks are small as compared to those of active smoking, passive smokers are also at risk.

Statistically speaking, people living with passive smokers in the UK are more likely to die from coronary heart disease by about 50-60%. Approximately 2,700 deaths occur annually due to passive smoking in the age group 20 to 64 and about 8,000 deaths in the age group 65 and above.

It has also been reported that in 2011, children inhaling cigarette smoke was the cause of 300,000 GP visits, and 9,500 hospital admissions in the UK. As much as five million children are regularly exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke in their homes.

The Effect Smoking Has on Others

Passive smoking affects individuals of all ages, and can have various long-term consequences. Some of these are elaborated below:

Children and Babies

Children and babies who live with a smoker can face serious health complications, some of which include:


Pregnant Women

Second-hand smoke can also be extremely dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Pregnant women who inhale copious amounts of smoke over time are more prone to:



As an adult, the chances of developing lung cancer and heart complications increases significantly due to continuous exposure to smoke – up to 20-30%. Moreover, cigarette smoke is a potent irritant, making respiratory problems worse.

Adults chronically exposed to passive smoke are more likely to face the following problems:

Other Impacts of Smoking on Others

Apart from your health, smoking can have disastrous consequences on the personal lives of your loved ones as well. People who smoke generally have lesser time to spend with their loved ones, frequently escaping to catch a puff. Also, they have lesser money to spend for their families and friends due to the added expenditure of buying and storing cigarettes.

Quitting smoking is not only a good idea to stay safe from health problems; it is also a grand decision to protect your family and friends from various health and social complications. So set a good example for those around you and make healthy lifestyle modification today by quitting smoking!

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