The Social and Emotional Problems Faced By Obese Kids

The Social and Emotional Problems Faced By Obese Kids

Obesity in kids has become one of the most common issues. Living with extra Kgs can become really difficult for kids because of the social stigma attached to it. Along with being physically harmful for the child as he or she becomes prone to several diseases, he or she is also becomes socially and emotionally ill. The society in general emphasizes too much on being slim and smart that the obese kids automatically feel like the odd ones out in society. Obesity in kids is entangled with both social and emotional aspects too.


Emotional eating

When parents and pediatricians press obese children to eat less, they tend to counter it by seeking emotional solace in food. This adds to the amount of food that they were already eating. This might also happen when children are emotionally stressed because of reasons like difficulties in school, death or divorce of parents and others. They are unable to express themselves in a healthier manner and so end up indulging in eating even more than before.


With all the troubles that overweight child goes through, he automatically feels like a stranger or an outcast in the society. He starts suffering from low self-esteem which then harbors hopelessness and thoughts regarding futility of his existence. They become loners and live in their own bubble. When the same scenario repeats year after year, they tend to become depressed. They start sleeping more, cry a lot and lose interest in the daily activities. Depression in children should be taken as seriously as it is taken for adults. If you notice symptoms of depression in your child, you should try talking to him or her as well as health care professional.


Other consequences related to obesity can be long term enough to continue into adolescence and further. Obese children are often teased and made fun of by their peers who are later victims of depression and low self-esteem. Overweight children are discriminated merely because of their obesity. When overweight children become overweight adults, they are less likely to marry compared to their peers who weigh normal. Moreover, they even make lower amounts money. That is because research shows that overweight people less likely to find good jobs than their peers who are of average weight.

Behavioral problems

Obese children suffer from poor social skills and a lot of anxiety. At one end they are socially withdrawn and at the other end they over react to little things and disturb their colleagues.

One should try to create environment for them where they can feel good about themselves. Among other things, encouraging them to participate in sports or neighborhood activities can be a good idea. They should be made more aware of the fact that taking care of their bodies will help them continue to do whatever they enjoy doing. Moreover, involving children in planning a menu and informing them about healthy food can play a good role too.

Children’s Health Recommendations – Dr Christine Wood:


To balance the nutrition gap in their meal they need quality supplement. Because kids can be erratic in their eating habits and because there are more toxins that a child must fight, quality supplementing is important. You should ensure your child is obtaining nutrients from three basic categories:

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  2. Calcium with vitamin D
  3. Omega-3 essential fatty acids

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Kids today are overfed and undernourished and studies show they are often not receiving even the basic important nutrients in their diet. There is increasing concern about vitamin D deficiency with kids and many children are not getting enough calcium in their diets. Omega-3 fatty acids are of key importance and support brain development and health. Look for pharmaceutical-grad products with guaranteed potency and quality.


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