What You Can Do To Soothe Morning Sickness Symptoms during Pregnancy

What You Can Do To Soothe Morning Sickness Symptoms during PregnancyAlmost 75 percent of all pregnant women experience morning sickness at some point during their pregnancy. While most women feel nausea during their first trimester only, there are some who are doomed with morning sickness till the very end, and they feel nauseated not only in the mornings but all throughout the day.

The reason why morning sickness triggers an episode of nausea followed by vomiting in some acute cases is because of the oestrogen levels riding high in the body plus a new hormone that the body produces in huge quantities only during pregnancy called human chorionic gonadotrophin. However, the morning sickness symptoms are likely to diminish once the pregnancy crosses the 12 – 14 week mark.

Dealing with morning sickness can be tricky because your food intake as well as your consumption of medication affects the baby directly. Therefore, it is best to follow natural remedies to treat nausea during pregnancy.

Ginger Can Prevent Nausea

For ages, ginger has gained a reputation of being an effective stomach soother especially in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine usually follows the principles of yin and yang linked with hot and cold factors; making ginger a ‘hot’ remedy. It is best to try sipping ginger ale at first, to check if ginger suits you. If the taste of ginger doesn’t make you feel nauseated, you can boil a few slices of ginger to make ginger tea and sip it throughout the day to help ease down the nausea.

Gingerbread and cookies, however, are not very effective in preventing morning sickness symptoms during pregnancy because they are usually loaded with sugar and the ginger content is found in negligible quantities.

 Peppermint for Soothing Hot Flashes

Some women experience hot flashes during pregnancy, which makes them cranky and drives them to remove extra layers of clothing. While ginger warms the body from the inside to reduce nausea symptoms, peppermint has ‘cold’ properties that ease hot flashes during pregnancy. Peppermint tea is the best natural remedy for calming hot flashes and nausea.

However, it is not advisable to use peppermint essential oil because it has a very strong pungent smell that some women may not like.

Soothing Lemon Extract

The fresh, zesty smell of lemon extract is also helpful in minimizing morning sickness symptoms efficiently as morning sickness is mostly triggered due to certain smells. Having a cold lemonade or sipping lemon balm tea may be beneficial for pregnant women who are not relieved by using ginger or peppermint.

Other Refreshing Teas to Try

There are certain tea mixtures that may soothe morning sickness symptoms effectively without having to consume any medication. Both anise and raspberry leaf teas have a very mild, pleasant flavor that can calm the nauseated feeling that most women feel during the start of the day. Sipping onto apple juice throughout the night maintains the blood sugar, which works well for pregnant women who feel nauseous due to low blood sugar.

The benefit of trying natural remedies to treat morning sickness is that they there are no severe side effects that may pose a threat to the mother or the baby making it an ideal option for new soon-to-be mothers who are struck with the morning sickness misery in their first trimester of pregnancy.

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