Six things super foods can do for your body

Six things super foods can do for your body Super foods are foods whose benefits on over health and longevity have been backed by peer-reviewed scientific study. Generally unprocessed fresh foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit and lean meat, superfoods have a high nutrient vs calorie ratio and therefore provide maximum benefit for calories when consumed.

Here are six things that super foods can do for your body:

Boost energy

It is the B group of vitamins that assist your body in processing and using energy. When you look at energy supplements on the shelves of supermarkets, they are generally packed with B vitamins because they prevent lethargy and fatigue when consumed in adequate quantities. Also called the ‘happy vitamin’ because of its positive effect on energy and moods, vitamin B can be found in super foods like bell peppers, sunflower seeds and Swiss chard.

Clear Skin

Fatty acids like Omega 3 help to keep your cell membranes strong, while superfoods high in antioxidants help prevent damage like wrinkles and inflammation caused by free radicals. Try salmon, blueberries and flaxseeds for a glowing complexion.

Weight Loss

Super foods are naturally low in calories if you make an effort to eat more of them and maintain an active lifestyle, weight loss will follow.

Improve immunity

The immune system needs constant nourishment to perform at its peak. When in constant stress during cold and flu season, fuel it with extra vitamin C and catechin.  High levels of these immune helpers can be found in bell peppers and green tea respectively.

Improve fertility

Support reproductive health with increased consumption of key nutrients.  Vitamins D and E are important for women trying to conceive, while higher levels of vitamin C have been linked with improved sperm count in men. Try almonds and eggs for her and Vitamin C rich broccoli for him.

Improve digestion

Poor dietary habits, toxins and overuse of medications are bad for the digestive system. Keep it healthy with adequate hydration and fiber. Try oats and apples, good sources of soluble and insoluble fiber.

It can be difficult to get adequate levels of vital nutrients using diet alone. A dietary supplement will add what you are lacking and ensure you are looking and feeling your best.

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