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Drugs Can Ruin Lives!

According to statistics, in 2009 there are thirty thousand drug related deaths. Drugs cause potential brain damage apart from many other side effects. It is sad to notice how the teenage gets wasted by getting into the habit of drug abuse. Their physical coordination becomes poor and this can be observed as they walk. The [...]

Male Fertility

Men play a very big role in conception. A sperm contributes an equal amount of genetic material as an egg does to the beginning of a new life, and a male’s health is just as important as a female’s, to a healthy pregnancy and health foetal growth and development. Male fertility can be adversely affected [...]

Holiday Health

Tips for the festive season The festive season is right on our door step and with it come a lot of food choices, emotions and consequences. People with big and extended families; different cultures celebrate this season in different ways. And some are stuck in the middle of ongoing parties; variety of food and fun [...]

How much is too much?!

Alcohol misuse is a serious issue in Australia. Its effects can range from a hangover to fatal road accidents, violent assault and terminal medical conditions such as irreversible liver damage. In Australia, alcohol related harm has been reported to be approximately  65,000 hospital admissions and 3000 deaths. It has come to know that both men [...]