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Eating Peanuts during Infancy May Protect Against Allergy

Most people develop certain types of allergies and one of those may include food allergy. People have allergies to different foods and among them the most common is peanut allergy. The allergic reaction caused by peanut can prove fatal, if not taken care of at the right time. The allergic reaction is also called anaphylaxis. [...]

Hay Fever; Is It Real Fever?

For too many, the concept of hay fever is ambiguous. However, understanding of how does one gets hay fever, how does one become a carrier, the early symptoms and its definitive potential risk are pieces of information still needed to be disseminated to the public. It is important to spread awareness so that people can [...]

How to Strengthen Your Immune System before Flu Season

It may be almost time for the dreaded flu season, but fortunately there is still enough time to prepare your immune system. A strong immune system will help you fight off the flu and the common cold, so you can enjoy the winter.   Here are six simple tips for strengthen your immune system before [...]

Tips for Achieving a Stronger Immune System

There are a number of different factors that can affect the health of your immune system. Your immune system is almost non-existent when you are first born and it becomes stronger as you are exposed to different viruses and illnesses. It will start to weaken again as you get older, which is why it is [...]

Facts and Statistics of Asthma in Children (Infographic)

One of the chronic health problems affecting the quality of lives of children in the US today is asthma. This happens when the interior walls of the air pipes carrying air to the lungs become sore or bulge a bit. Of the 20 million people in US suffering from asthma, about 9 million are children. The chances of Asthma turning into a [...]