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What is Asthma? Unlike a normal person, the lungs and airways of people with asthma are hypersensitive to various trigger factors, such as exercise, pollens or cold air. They react abnormally and due to these reactions the airways become narrower, reducing the space for air to flow through and making it harder to breathe. Continued [...]


It is the one subject that we all want to forget till it hits us in the eye. We are too busy with our lives that we don’t realize that what we will see when we get old, is the result of what we do at the present. We know that ageing is always associated [...]

Lung Cancer

As we have learnt in previous posts Cancer is the disease caused by abnormal cells multiplying out of control. Normally, our body has a system to check and balance on cell growth so that cells divide to produce new cells, only when new cells are needed. When this system is disrupted it results in an uncontrolled [...]