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Tips for Preventing the Onset of Oral Cancer

Nowadays, oral cancer has become an increasingly common disease which affects people from almost all walks of life, no matter how young or old they may be. Because of the stresses of modern life, many people don’t pay any heed to their health, which could cause major problems in the long run. The number of [...]

What is Worth Getting Cancer Over

Breast cancer is a life altering experience for many women as well as their partners.  The many potential effects of the disease may be too much for women to bear.  Mastectomies are often the result of breast cancer leaving a women feeling scarred and blemished.  Much of her value and self-worth are cut away along [...]

Cancer is not only a Disease, it is a Thief of Self-Esteems

When most people think of cancer, their minds are immediately drawn to a dark place and usually it gravitates immediately towards death.  Death becomes a very daunting reality to people who suffer from any form of cancer.  Cancer is a journey with many painful avenues that are walked.  Many of those avenues are walked alone, [...]