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The Truth about Estrogen Hormone Regulation

Hormone regulation is something most women will eventually need. I have been researching the key benefits of natural estrogen and progesterone compared to the dangers of synthetic hormones and there are safer alternatives. Women do not need to choose between mood swings, hot flashes, and premature aging or the potential risk of heart attacks or cancer. There [...]

The Health Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Your body needs six essential nutrients to get you through the day; water, minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The most ideal sources of these essential nutrients are eating a healthy and balanced diet filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, fish, and meat. Unfortunately, the convenience and affordability of processed foods makes it hard [...]

Why You Need More Vitamin D?

Most trained nutritionists believe that the amounts of vitamin D currently recommended by the US government are actually inefficient for optimal health. Children and adults actually need closer to 1000 IU units every day to maintain strong bones, reduce the risk of cancer, and improve their heart health. The elderly need even more since their [...]

Have you got cancer cells in you?

Hey this seems like a very silly question. Believe me when I say that’s what I thought when I started reading this email my friend sent my way. I do know alot of facts on cancer, but never looked at it from this angle. It is fair to post this information on this site, since [...]

Signs to help Catch Breast Cancer Sooner!

Breast cancer is scary, but catching it early almost guarantees a five year (or greater) survival rate.  Breast cancer is the fifth leading cause of death among women over the age of forty.  However, if diagnosed in the early stages, it actually has a 90% or greater survival rate.  That is why it is so [...]