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Eat and Lose Weight

If you’re one of those few lucky people with genes that keep you skinny no matter how much you eat – congratulations – you have no idea what the rest of us go through! Most of us are not that lucky! Millions of people are trying to lose weight all their lives. Trying to lose [...]

6 Ways of Gaining Muscles and Putting On Weight

Different people have different kinds of bodies, and if you are naturally skinny, you might find it hard to bulk up and transform your body. Even though it is not easy, there is no reason why you can’t put on some weight and gain the kind of muscles you want. All it takes is the [...]

Simple Health Tips That Will Help You through Weight Loss

‘A healthy body is a happy body.’ This statement is a universally agreed-upon fact. There is nothing better in this world than health. However, as the world and food industry grows, one finds greater inclination towards a lifestyle, which involves munching on fast food rather than ‘real’ food. The result is a more obesity-driven population. [...]

Healthy yet Tasty Food Can Help You to Keep Track Of Your Weight Loss Routine

Are you trying to lose your weight and still not achieving the results you want? Starving yourself is not the best and only option! You might be doing more harm to yourself than you think. So stop for a minute and think, is starving yourself really worth it? There are more ways to weight loss [...]

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Be Healthier

Almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution is focused on achieving better health, but sadly most of them are broken before the end of January. Resolutions often fail, because the restrictions people establish for their goals are too strict to follow for any lengthy period of time. Achieving better health is a lifelong commitment and it is [...]