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Which Type Of Foods Should Be Avoided By Arthritis Patients

Patients who have Arthritis do not only require proper and timely medical treatment but also require a healthy lifestyle with proper food intake and exercising. Following are the type of foods that must not be consumed in Arthritis: Inflammatory Intakes Arthritis is a broad word surrounding physical conditions that share inflammation and joint pain. Usual [...]

Biological, Psychological And Social Causes Of Depression In Women

Women are 50% more likely to suffer from depression as compared to men. This difference is mainly influenced by economic, ethnic and racial divide. This depression rate all across the world is influenced by gender differences. Numerous theories attempt in explaining why women tend to be more depressed than men. Numerous factors have played a [...]

Ways to Fight Depression

Every person’s life is a unique story. Nobody knows what that guy playing his guitar on the streets is feeling, or that girl who sits on the bench crying, or the guy who seems so happy talking with his friends… No one is perfect. We all have our own problems and our own worries. The [...]

4 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You In Combating Depression

Depression is not just a mere personal problem; it is a psychological disorder which must be dealt through making significant lifestyle changes and even medication if required. Following are some tips that must be followed in depression for a positive change in life and they will also help patients who are taking prescribed medications for [...]

Teenage – How to Make the Best of This Significant Stage of Life

Everyone is well aware of the fact that remaining fit and healthy holds its significance throughout our lives. A balanced, healthy and nutritious diet is what every person needs most, particularly teenagers. Along with good diet plans, teenagers need to take up a regular course of exercise in order to stay fit and young; and [...]