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Understanding and Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is a frighteningly common problem all over the world and it can result in a deadly heart attack if it is not detected early enough. The scariest part is that most people who have heart disease don’t even realize that they are at risk until it’s too late since there are very few [...]

Simple Tips for Improving your Heart Health

There is nothing more critical to your health than your heart. Your heart is the center of your cardiovascular system and it is vital to almost every aspect of your health. Your heart handles everything from the delivery of oxygen to the success of your immune system.  You literally cannot live without it. So, shouldn’t [...]

Root cause of inflammation

If heart disease and aging of arteries are the cause of low-grade inflammation over a prolonged period of time, then it is up to us to try avoiding those things that cause that inflammation. Dr. Ross listed several different causes of inflammation of our arteries in his review article found in the New England Journal [...]

Heart Disease

According to Dr R.Ross heart disease is not caused by too much cholesterol in your blood stream, but is the result of a prolonged, low-grade inflammation of your arteries. Over 50% of the people suffering from a heart attack have actually normal cholesterol levels. As the pharmaceutical industry hopes you to believe, heart disease is [...]