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Life Check – 7 Steps to a Healthy Heart

People often say that the way to a healthy heart is a balanced meal and daily exercise. However, these are not the only tips you should follow. There are several other steps that contribute to a perfect heart. An active body needs a healthy heart and that can only be possible if you take care [...]

Little Known But Dangerous Heart Attack Risk Factors Everyone Should Know and Avoid

If you do not have an idea about the risk factors for heart attack, you should take time off to learn and memorize them. The knowledge you acquire on such matters will be helpful to you later. For example, many people now know the main heart attack risk factors that include high blood pressure, smoking, [...]

Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are a scary, but necessary topic and any potential signs that your heart is having trouble should never be ignored. Too often people don’t even realize they are at risk of a heart attack until they are actually having one and nearly 50% of all heart attacks are fatal. Identifying the warning signs [...]

Natural Ways to Prevent High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is quickly becoming an epidemic. So many people are suffering from this silent killer and they don’t even realize that their cholesterol is high.  There are usually no symptoms of high cholesterol until it is too late. A build-up of cholesterol inside the arteries can block normal blood flow to the brain. If [...]

Heart Attack Symptoms that are Often Ignored

Being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack can possibly save your life or the life of someone you love. Unfortunately, many of the symptoms do not feel threatening enough to inspire action. The best advice is to trust your instinct and never take chances. If something doesn’t feel right or [...]