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Tips on How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

The package of joy that you’ve been waiting and gestating for 9 months, which seemed to be like forever, is now ready for the love you have been longing to provide. In this period of excitement and delight, not only the child has to be taken care of, but it is necessary for you to [...]

Five Natural Ways to Lose Weight

When people look to lose weight, they battle the demons in their mind which are always making their quest look like an impossible one. With this kind of a mental stumbling block, the quest becomes one of heightened frustration as each day represents a challenge to stay away from those fattening foods. However, there are [...]

Six Ways Our Diet and Lifestyle Makes Us Lethargic

Lethargy is a feeling of tiredness, lack of energy and weariness that does not go away even after rests. People feel fatigued in both the body and mind (physical or psychological fatigue). In most instances, lethargy can be traced to your diet and lifestyle habits or routines. However, lethargy can be normal and a sign [...]

Six Secrets to a Younger Looking You

The body is an amazing self correcting and self maintaining organism. However, this is only true for as long as we maintain it in balance and healthy. In this article, you will learn six fundamental secrets, in fact natural strategies, to a younger looking you. These are secrets because they have been lost to a [...]

Eat and Lose Weight

If you’re one of those few lucky people with genes that keep you skinny no matter how much you eat – congratulations – you have no idea what the rest of us go through! Most of us are not that lucky! Millions of people are trying to lose weight all their lives. Trying to lose [...]