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How Hormonal Imbalance Affects the Female Body

Hormonal imbalance is a common hormone problem that affects women in three stages of their lives; in preteens, during pregnancy and once when they hit the big 4-0. Hormonal imbalance contributes towards health conditions like depression, diminished muscle strength, polycystic ovarian syndrome and hirsutism; all of which can be treated if the hormone problem is [...]

Ways to Deal with Menopause

It is often said that what a woman can endure, a man can never! And this looks like it might be true. Although both genders have to go through some changes as years go by, men don’t have to go through something called menopause! Called “the change of life” – menopause is a transition that [...]

The Truth about Estrogen Hormone Regulation

Hormone regulation is something most women will eventually need. I have been researching the key benefits of natural estrogen and progesterone compared to the dangers of synthetic hormones and there are safer alternatives. Women do not need to choose between mood swings, hot flashes, and premature aging or the potential risk of heart attacks or cancer. There [...]

The Calcium Crisis

What is Calcium? As adults, we have over 200 bones in our body.  Our bones survive from calcium which is a vital mineral that is needed in shaping and sustaining our bones from conception until the time we die.  Calcium is also the main component of our teeth, and plays an important role in the [...]

The Effects of Menopause

How Do You Tackle Effects of Menopause? Women seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to issues they have to deal with throughout their lives.  Mother Nature pays a visit to girls early on in their lives and plays relentless games with women throughout their lives.  Women will experience a [...]