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How Vitamin D Affects your Brain

Vitamin D is best known for how it works with calcium to strengthen your bones and joints. However, this essential nutrient is beneficial for more reasons than just better bone health. It is necessary for the health and wellbeing of your mind as well. Vitamin D is one of the reasons people tend to be [...]

The Real Dangers of Obesity

Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity is causing obesity to quickly become an epidemic almost everywhere around the world. In 2012, it was estimated that there are 520,000 people in the world who are considered to be obese. That number has been on a steady increase for decades and is not expected to go [...]

The Health Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Your body needs six essential nutrients to get you through the day; water, minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The most ideal sources of these essential nutrients are eating a healthy and balanced diet filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, fish, and meat. Unfortunately, the convenience and affordability of processed foods makes it hard [...]

Why You Need More Vitamin D?

Most trained nutritionists believe that the amounts of vitamin D currently recommended by the US government are actually inefficient for optimal health. Children and adults actually need closer to 1000 IU units every day to maintain strong bones, reduce the risk of cancer, and improve their heart health. The elderly need even more since their [...]

Why Everyone Needs More Vitamin D

Many people suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, especially during the winter months. Not having enough Vitamin D can have a serious and lasting effect on your mental and physical health. It affects your body as a whole by targeting your bones, your muscles, your heart, your teeth, and even your mood.