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How to break your binge eating habit!

Have you ever had one of those nights where you are constantly snacking without really realizing how much you are stuffing into your belly?  We have all been there and we usually end up regretting it the next morning.  Binge eating is one of the easiest ways to gain weight quickly, but there are methods [...]

The Perils of Obesity

What is the result of Obesity? Obesity is an ever growing problem in the United States, as well as globally.  Weight is a nasty culprit of many diseases including heart disease as well as heart failure.  It is a direct link to diabetes; hypertension and higher cholesterol levels. We know that obesity in many causes’ [...]

Binge Eating

If you are someone who suffers from binge eating, take heart that you are not alone. It is the most common form of eating disorder and statistics suggest that it affects around 2% of the population. The population of the United States, according to the Census Bureau, was 307,006,550 in 2009 which means over 60 [...]

Diet Soda Addiction

Consequences of consuming Diet Soda We all know that soda companies are now facing the biggest challenge. That is making it look and sound some how healthy to persuade even the health conscious to try their product. I know a person who can’t go without drinking the soda everyday. And now the person is convinced [...]

Neurocognitive Decline Slowed by Exercise

The value of Exercise Exercise provides benefits in countless ways. For some, it lessens stress and prevents obesity. For many others however, it’s after effects aren’t always physical. A recent study from the National Academy of Sciences provides that prolonged amounts of exercise can actually promote heightened cognitive functions, particular to the brain’s hippocampus (memory [...]