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Why Smoking Is Not Just Bad for You but Also for Others around You

The harmful effects of smoking are extremely well known but the overall impact of passive smoking is also extensive. Even though the health risks are small as compared to those of active smoking, passive smokers are also at risk. Statistically speaking, people living with passive smokers in the UK are more likely to die from [...]

Few Tips to Quit Smoking in Easy Ways

If you have decided to quit smoking, you need to be strong and prepare both mentally and physically. Before taking any action, it is better to get enough knowledge of how to proceed with your decision to make it a smooth and less stressful process.   It is true that quitting smoking can be the [...]

Understanding Why Nicotine has a Hold on You

Almost every smoker will agree that nicotine has some sort of physical hold on them, but few actually understand why. They know that it is dangerous to their health, but the negative health consequences are not enough to make them quit. Only about 7% of the 35 million people who seriously attempt to quit each [...]

Smoking and health risks

Health risk due to smoking/passive smoking: Risk of unborn babies with smoking mothers: Miscarriage and still birth Premature birth and low birth weight Sudden infant death syndrome Complications during birth

Passive smoking

We might say that we don’t smoke but have you ever been to a public place/work place where there is people smoking around you, even at home our family members smoke indoors. When you inhale the smoke from a person standing next to you, it is called ‘passive smoking’ . Tobacco smoke inside a room [...]