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Why You Should Love Strawberries

If you do not already like strawberries a lot, you definitely should. Not only do they look amazing with their vibrant color in desserts and salads, they are also a major super food. Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C, are nutrient rich, and contain a variety of antioxidants. Here are some amazing health [...]

Periconception care

Tips for periconception care The periconception period is a vital time. It’s a critical window that impacts on the growth and development of the foetus. Common sense and scientific evidence tell us that a healthy body provides the best environment for a healthy pregnancy. To help achieve this: Eat healthy Follow a nutritionally balanced diet [...]

Bio Available

According to Wikipedia “Bioavailability is a measurement of the rate and extent of a therapeutically active drug that reaches the systemic circulation and is available at the site of action. It is denoted by the letter F” In layman’s term Bio available means the supplement that we consume has to dissolve inside our body and [...]

Vitamin Supplement

What are supplements? We do get confused by the contradicting statements we hear from the health authorities regarding supplements. Supplements are vitamins and minerals that have been extracted from a plant or created in a laboratory and put into a form that can be ingested and used by the body. Not all supplements are beneficial. [...]