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Beware! Your Child May Be Suffering from Depression

According to Key Data on Adolescence from the Association of Young People’s health, as many as 8,000 children below the age of 10 suffer from severe depression as of 2013. This statistic is startling considering the age range. Note that the depression rate is high and the percentage of suicide amongst young people have rocketed [...]

Ways to Get Yourself Out of Depression

Getting out of depression is easier said than done. A person needs a lot of courage and consistency to dig their way out of it, as well as taking self-care to avoid sudden impediments that come along the way. Depression is an illness that changes from person to person, where there is nothing but feelings [...]

4 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You In Combating Depression

Depression is not just a mere personal problem; it is a psychological disorder which must be dealt through making significant lifestyle changes and even medication if required. Following are some tips that must be followed in depression for a positive change in life and they will also help patients who are taking prescribed medications for [...]

Dealing with depression

Depression is much more than a simple case of the blues and it needs to be taken seriously. It is a medical condition that affects millions of people and its symptoms can range from mild to severe.  Depression has a significant impact on a person’s quality of life and the consequences can even be life [...]