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Six things super foods can do for your body

Super foods are foods whose benefits on over health and longevity have been backed by peer-reviewed scientific study. Generally unprocessed fresh foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit and lean meat, superfoods have a high nutrient vs calorie ratio and therefore provide maximum benefit for calories when consumed. Here are six things that super foods can [...]

The Need for Nutritional Supplements

Why Supplement? Unfortunately, it is impossible to get everything you need for superior health based on diet alone.  There are so many factors that have depleted the natural resources in the food we eat and we are no longer getting the nutrients we need.  That is why there is such a great demand for nutritional [...]

Latest on Health

Get it right: It’s important for children to eat the right foods and take the best supplements to encourage growth and development. One study after the other suggests that children are not getting all their essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, less than 25% of young people eat the recommended five servings or more of [...]

How does Nutrient level promote Brain Health

Adequate Nutrient Levels Promote Brain Health A recent study has shown that nutrient levels account for a 17% variation in memory and thinking ability, and a 37% variation in brain volume in a group of older individuals. Lifestyle interventions such as diet, exercise, and cognitive training represent an effective approach to counteracting age-related declines in [...]

Chocolate – Health Advantages

I love chocolate and I am sure others will agree with me. Even the word ‘chocolate’, is a word picture on it’s own. We can easily bring up the image of our favourite chocolate and some can even taste it. It is no exaggeration, at least not for me it is not. An recently I [...]