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Slip Into That Wedding Dress Effortlessly With These 5 Pre-Wedding Fitness Tips

Every bride wishes to look like a goddess on her wedding day with perfect dressing, skin and figure; however, achieving this target is not easy for most brides due to their tough work schedules and pre wedding arrangements. Weight loss is one of the major worries of every woman especially the ones who are about [...]

5 things to do to fit in the wedding dress

A bride is to be at her most beautiful in her wedding day. While preparing for it, some plan ahead and try to get rid of some excess weight to fit in their wedding dress. Some others are compelled to go to a gym and go on a seriously strict diet, keeping in mind that [...]

Healthy living that will last a lifetime!

    Healthy living inside and out starts with making decisions that you can live with for the rest of your life.  Total fitness involves a well-rounded approach that encompasses all aspects of your health.  A positive attitude, proper nutrition, daily exercise and cleansing your body are all essential in order to achieve better health.  [...]

How to Transform Your Body

Would you like to look and feel your Best? Then read on…. to what Chris Tuck has to say 1. Define Your Goals, Motivation and Commitment: It’s vital to spend some time deciding on your health and fitness goals. You need to be very specific and write them down. I’ve discovered a great way to [...]

How to get a Fitter, Healthier you in 8 weeks?

Jump Start your Health Make some simple changes to create a healthier lifestyle in just eight weeks. Jump start your health today and enjoy the lasting benefits when you maintain your healthy routine past the eight weeks. Here are some simple ways t Jump Start Your Health. Eat Sensibly: Remember, maintenance is key. It might [...]