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The Perils of Obesity

What is the result of Obesity? Obesity is an ever growing problem in the United States, as well as globally.  Weight is a nasty culprit of many diseases including heart disease as well as heart failure.  It is a direct link to diabetes; hypertension and higher cholesterol levels. We know that obesity in many causes’ [...]

Exercise to Relieve Stress

Exercising has had positive proven effects on the health and well-being of people in both mental and physical aspects.  The physical benefits of exercising are apparent – a well-conditioned person has a physique that radiates vigor and fitness.  Often, the effects exercise has on the mental aspect of a person are recognizable as well.  Exercise [...]

7 Factors in Healthy Weight

Manage Your Weight People who are looking into creating healthy weight are facing a long painstaking journey in front of them. There are a lot of well meaning but conflicting information when it comes to choosing the right path in achieving healthy weight. What to eat and how much to eat for optimum health and [...]

Coffee vs Tea

Tea We always get contradictory information regarding the benefits of tea and coffee through different sources. Sometimes they will say drinking coffee is harmful for your body and after a while will change the tune and say it has good benefits. It goes for tea as well and we get confused with these revelations. Also [...]

Neurocognitive Decline Slowed by Exercise

The value of Exercise Exercise provides benefits in countless ways. For some, it lessens stress and prevents obesity. For many others however, it’s after effects aren’t always physical. A recent study from the National Academy of Sciences provides that prolonged amounts of exercise can actually promote heightened cognitive functions, particular to the brain’s hippocampus (memory [...]