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Having Babies?

Thinking of having babies? This is an interesting subject. Most couples wait till they get financially secured before they plan for pregnancy. While everyone worry about the outside sources to align, we pretty much forget there are other factors play a big part in deciding whether your body is ready for pregnancy. I came across [...]

Detox contd

Do you need to Detox: Are you one of the following? Over weight? Tired all the time? Headaches and other aches and pains? Frequent colds and flues? Constipation or digestive problems? PMS? Allergies? Drink alcohol and caffeine? Smoke? Take drugs? Eat junk food?

Detox – part II

As we discussed in previous post on detox, we need to understand toxins, and things like why we need to detox and how we can tackle this. It may sound easy since we hear about detox all the time, but if we understand why and how I think we might be more productive in taking the [...]

Weight loss program

What are the features of common weight loss program: 2/3 who lose weight on diets gain it back within 1 year and gain much more, also 98% of diets fail within 2 years. The reason of failure is, it provides short term solutions for a long term problem. Majority of diets are imbalanced and not [...]