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Beware! Your Child May Be Suffering from Depression

According to Key Data on Adolescence from the Association of Young People’s health, as many as 8,000 children below the age of 10 suffer from severe depression as of 2013. This statistic is startling considering the age range. Note that the depression rate is high and the percentage of suicide amongst young people have rocketed [...]

Ways to Get Yourself Out of Depression

Getting out of depression is easier said than done. A person needs a lot of courage and consistency to dig their way out of it, as well as taking self-care to avoid sudden impediments that come along the way. Depression is an illness that changes from person to person, where there is nothing but feelings [...]

The Symptoms Of Clinical And Suicidal Depression

Mood downswings and sadness are the common reactions to the disappointments, setbacks and struggles of life. “Depression” is the word, which is mostly used to explain such feelings; however, depression is far broader than just feelings that make you sad. Some patients of depression have a constant feeling of future doom or a belief that [...]

Biological, Psychological And Social Causes Of Depression In Women

Women are 50% more likely to suffer from depression as compared to men. This difference is mainly influenced by economic, ethnic and racial divide. This depression rate all across the world is influenced by gender differences. Numerous theories attempt in explaining why women tend to be more depressed than men. Numerous factors have played a [...]

Ways to Fight Depression

Every person’s life is a unique story. Nobody knows what that guy playing his guitar on the streets is feeling, or that girl who sits on the bench crying, or the guy who seems so happy talking with his friends… No one is perfect. We all have our own problems and our own worries. The [...]