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In my more than 20 years in nutrition researches I’ve not seen a wellness program as impressive as that developed by Myron Wentz.” “Medical science is still stuck in the past; examining the effects of one or two simple antioxidants such as beta carotene and vitamin C. However, over the last decade hundred of antioxidants have been found. All of them have specific functions… You can’t just give someone vitamin C for a cold because antioxidants only work properly when they’re in synergy with each other. Vitamin C needs all of the other antioxidants to work to its potential.

Dr. Michael Colgan, world renowned Sports Nutritionist, and author of the best-selling book, “Optimum Sports Nutrition.”

The first rule of medicine is to do no harm. I feel that the USANA products and its organization are the embodiment of free enterprise and scientific integrity. The antioxidant nutritional research and products being brought forth by this company, along with a strict observance of quality control, I believe has the potential to open up new horizons to the neurologically impaired patient, who otherwise had little or no hope.” Jeffrey Greenberg, M.D. Neurological Surgeon
“There’s no way to acquire optimal health today without nutritional supplementation. One of the things I have noticed from my own medical practice is that many patients are getting well by using nothing but nutrition.” “Usana’s cellular technology is 15 years ahead of it’s time. I have personally lost more that 50 pounds with USANA products and I have seen significant improvement in many of my patients.” David Warden, M.D. Former State Surgeon for the State of Utah
“I’ve seen hundreds of nutritional lines come across my desk in the last 20 years. Yet, none have so impressed me as Usana. The results I have seen are amazing. When the results are prove to be this good, the decision to use Usana is a given. Usana is firmly grounded in the most current scientific research and is producing extraordinarily positive results on the cellular level

Gary Young, D.C.

In 17 years of practice, I have never seen or experienced anything like USANA! I am a board-certified family practitioner…I treat so many people during the cold and flu season who are sick and cough in my face that I end up being on antibiotics every three weeks or so. In February 1994, I began taking the USANA Nutritionals. I am happy to say that I made it through the cold season with not one major respiratory illness which required antibiotics.

Machiel Kennedy, M.D.

The results that I have observed in my practice since recommending the USANA Nutritionals have been nothing short of amazing. I have been a family practice physician for over 23 years. I have been a family practice physician for over 23 years. I have always been involved with preventative medicine, but never too excited about nutrition. When asked about nutritional supplements, my standard reply would be that if you choose and eat the proper food, supplements are not necessary. However, this is no longer the case.” “Medical studies show that nutrient deficiencies are related to numerous disease processes. With all the evidence, my question became: ‘What nutritional supplements could I recommend – with confidence – to my patients.’ I now view the USANA Nutritionals as an insurance policy for my patients.” “Nutritional supplements have gone from an era of testimonials to an era of medical documentation. USANA has taken the sophisticated science of cellular nutrition and produced products that I believe will change the health of this nation.

Ray Strand, M.D.

I was initially skeptical of vitamins and minerals being able to provide any real improvements from various diseases…That skepticism slowly changed, as I witnessed case after case of people improving from things I never thought possible. These people were initially skeptical themselves, and it has been fun watching them passionately trying to convince other that they really have improved their health. Many have termed their improvement “a miracle.” I guess it’s all in how you view it. I used to get discourage about my medical colleagues not seeming to believe, or care about, the life-changing improvements that many patients were reporting with USANA Nutritionals…However, as a medical professional, I believe I can easily judge the difference between consistent and reproducible health improvements and the placebo effect…Anyone with common sense can figure-out that thousands of people are not experiencing significant health improvements because it’s all in their minds. People with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, migraines, or fibromyalgia can rarely be fooled into improving. Documented cholesterol and glucose profile improvements are occurring; lab tests rarely lie.” “I practice very traditional solid medicine. I believe in the scientific method, and don’t fall for ‘miraculous’ claims. I’m writing this unsolicited endorsement for USANA because I truly have never seen anything work as well for people with chronic health problems as I have seen happen among my patients with USANA. I now encourage everyone to be on these for life!

Ladd McNamara, M.D. Medical Resource Manual, 1997;4

Testimonials of Athletes

1. Name: Bart Schouten
Sport Accomplishments: U.S. Olympic coach
Full listing of which USANA products you currently take: Essentials, Proflavanol 90, Garlic EC, Biomega 3, Procosa II, LEAN Fibergy Bar, Double Chocolate Nutrition Bar
Testimonial: “As the U.S. Olympic Coach, I know that the products USANA provides to the athletes are great in helping them achieve their goals. U.S. Olympic speedskaters and other international athletes, and I have improved our performances with USANA’s excellent products. Thank you for your continued support of our athletes!”

2. Name: Tim Venne
Sport Accomplishments: 6th at Junior Nationals; 4th at Junior sprints
Full listing of which USANA products you currently take: Nutrition Bars, HealthPak 100
Favorite USANA products: HealthPak 100
Testimonial: “With so much commitment put into my sport, it’s hard to supply my body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, especially when one is a picky eater. USANA’s products taste great and have helped me maintain a well balanced diet.”
Speedskating Canada

3. Name: James Monson
Sport Accomplishments: Top 15 World Championships finish; Top 10 World Cup finish; Member of Canadian Speedskating Team
Full listing of which USANA products you currently take: Essentials, Active Calcium, Bio-3, E-Prime, Procosa II, CoQuinone 30, Poly C
Favorite USANA products: Essentials
Testimonial: “After visiting the USANA factory, I am 100 percent confident that USANA’s products are free of contaminants and banned substances. I am also confident that I am getting the best vitamins and supplements on the market today.”

Usana users

I would like to share my story about the improvement in my husband, Mark’s MS with his use of the USANA products. Mark was diagnosed with MS about six years ago. His MS manifested itself with weakness in his legs, aching in his knees and numbness in his hands and feet. He also had some challenges with equilibrium and numbness in his face… About four months ago we were introduced to the USANA product line and switched from the nutritional supplements we had been using from multiple companies to the USANA products that were formulated and designed to be balanced and work together. Mark began with the Essentials in early April and in mid-April decided to add the Proflavanol… ” “One day in early May Mark was working in our vegetable garden with our children and they challenged him to race up the hill. Now for five years, Mark had not been able to sprint very far, for after a few steps his knees would lock and he would stumble over his own feet. He had been feeling pretty good on the USANA products, his knees no longer ached and his feet weren’t numb and his hand strength was returning. He decided, why not, and took off up the hill and sprinted around to the front of our house. He was shocked and knew that it must be the USANA products which had brought him to his healthiest point yet. Thank you Dr. Wentz and USANA. He is now normal and it’s nearly impossible for people to observe or comprehend that MS is a part of our lives.

Kathy Yarrison – West Chester, PA

We started with USANA for maintaining good health.  I;ve seen my mum’s health greatly improved after using USANA products.  soon afterwards, I became interested in USANA’s business potential.  In 2006, I quit my full time job in the civil engineering industry to pursue USANA full time.  that was the best career decision I have ever made.  I appreciate the effort of my upline, downlines and crosslines and look forard to working together more.  I believe only by helping others do we succeed.

Yi Long & Junmin Xiong

My initial motivation to do the USANA business came through personal health improvements and weight management from trying the products.  I wanted to share my story and USANA products with my family and friends.  I believe that health shall be optimal and life should be outstanding.

Shanshan Che

I love and take many of the USANA products across the 3 ranges. However my favourite is HealthPak. These packs are so convenient! Keep extra packs in your suitcase, briefcase or handbag. We never leave home without them!

Jo Naseby from Perth, WA

After starting on Usana’s Essentials I find I have more energy, and people are always asking me how I can do so much and not look and feel tired.


I found RESET quite pleasurable to do. Many diets are either too tough to stick to, don’t taste particularly nice, or get incredibly boring. I looked forward to my Nutrimeal shakes and Nutrition bars. Now, I don’t have a need for sugar like I used to before using RESET. I always have my favourite USANA Nutrition bars in the fridge if I ever feel like spoiling myself with a bite of something. I’ve managed to keep my weight off and I know exactly what to do if I find it wavers.

Anne Noonan from Brisbane, Australia

For someone with a sedentary working lifestyle who had put on weight, it was a simple program to follow and got me good results. I lost 12 kg in 12 weeks!

Mark Thompson from Christchurch, NZ

I am finding the whole RESET experience fantastic. My life has changed so much now that I have more confidence, and far more energy than I thought possible. I’m enjoying the shocked look on friends’ faces when they see me and realise just how much weight I have lost.

Elaine Vanderbroeck of Perth, WA

With a medical condition that makes it very difficult to exercise, it is very challenging for me to lose weight,” David Smeltzer remarks. “But when my weight reached nearly 300 pounds, I knew I needed to do something. I started with RESET™, and continue to use USANA’s Macro-Optimizers and exercise the best I can. Now, I am 65 pounds lighter and am still working toward my goal weight. When I use the Macro-Optimizers, I feel great; I’m not tired and I don’t feel deprived. The changes in my life have been just incredible.”

David’s wife, Vickie, has also experienced positive results with the Macro-Optimizers. “She went from about 212 pounds to 160; she is like a different person,” David notes proudly. “She has gone back to school and is changing her life. The weight loss gave her the confidence to do it.

David & Vickie Smeltzer

I love the Strawberry NutrimealTM. It is fantastic on its own but I also love to blend in some fresh berries and ice. It is my favourite breakfast smoothie after an early morning swim in the ocean. It is so refreshing and a great start to the day.

Ben Toole, from NSW

My husband, John, drinks Rev3 on hot afternoons to give him more get-up-and-go when doing hard work in the garden. My daughter uses Rev3 when going out with friends. It gives her more energy!

Rene Lander

Tracy Clissold at the Health Seminar inspired me to try Rev3 during my bike training. Now I use the Rev3 every morning and recommend Rev3 to anyone keen on improving their work-out performance!

Fiona Jamieson-Folland

Rev3 is a great hydrating drink when travelling! Plus, I’m finding it fab for my everyday energy level. Love my daily boost from Rev 3.

Katie McFarlane Gilbert from Nelson, New Zealand

Lately, Rev3 has enabled me to make it through my work days. I can’t imagine where I would be without it – most likely at home in bed while the bills blew us into debt. Rev3 is a burst of refreshing energy. Thanks USANA!

Laurel Redmond

I have an aunt who is 80-years young and uncle, who is turning 100-years in May!  My uncle has been in hospital this last week.  When my aunt visits him each day, she massages his hands with Intensive Hand Therapy Cream and he has had awesome results from the massages.  He has been a gardener all his life, and was really happy with what the Hand Therapy massages have done for him.  So guess what he will be receiving from me for his birthday! Sensé Hand Therapy.

Georgina Moke

Prior to starting on Usana’s Sense I had extremely bad dermatitis on my hands and I was embarrassed to go out in public.  I was also very allergic to many things.  Within 3 days of starting on Sense my dermatitis had gone, and thanks to the Usana nutritionals I am no longer allergic to as much.


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