Five Tips for Endometriosis Sufferers

Five Tips for Endometriosis SufferersWomen who suffer from endometriosis are often crippled emotionally as well as physically by the symptoms that follow the very common but not well-understood disease.  The disease that succumbs over eighty million young girls and women is involves tumors that grow in the uterus.  These tumors, while non-cancerous, bring with them many discomforting side effects that can severely infringe on the life-style of women.  Many women who suffer from endometriosis also slip into depression because the disease can easily take of their lives.  The disease, although very widespread remains a mystery to many medical professionals because there is not real prejudice for who develops the tumors and growths, but one this is for certain, the disease is the culprit for many ill-functioning woman, infertility, and symptoms that dictate lifestyles in a negative way.  Endometriosis sufferers can survive if they understand five tips that can help them make their life easier with the complex disease.

A tip that sufferers should embrace is avoiding caffeine – while this tip may seem like addition unwarranted torture for an already complicated lifestyle, it is highly necessary.  Avoiding caffeine will minimize the chances of the disease further developing.  In addition to caffeine, alcohol and foods that are high in cholesterol have been linked to women with higher estrogen levels, and although high estrogen is not a direct link to endometriosis, higher levels of the hormone have been proven to increase the pain or aggravate the disease.

A good tip to remember is that over the counter medications such as Advil, ibuprofen, Motrin, are actually very good for the disease. Unfortunately, they may not eliminate the pain that many women experience but they are power drugs that block prostaglandins, which are natural body substances that promote inflammation and pain, and thought to be linked to endometriosis.

Everyone knows that great many benefits of exercise, and those same benefits and more work for women with endometriosis.  It is probably unimaginable for many women to think about exercise while they are in so much pain, but the exercise is a known remedy to derail the constant pain of the disease.  Light jogging, running, walking, whatever can be handled should be embraced.

As much as exercising is an aid in relieving pain for endometriosis sufferers, making sure that the body is getting enough rest and relaxation is needed.  Although not proven, it has been suggested that stress exacerbates the disease so ensuring that adequate sleep and rest are very important to relieving constant pain, as well as sufferings.

Women, who suffer from the disease need to try to simplify their lives as much as possible, eliminate stress and try as best they can to remain positive.  Giving in to depression will not help the disease, but only make it more stressful and harder to go through life with the ailment.  There are potential cures for the disease, laparoscopy treatment has been proven effective, but even after that type of surgery, the tumors and growths have been known to grow back.  Many physicians recommend drastic measures, like a hysterectomy, however, that extreme is not always and in most cases not a great solution.  Alternative treatments are recommended and always keeping in mind the five tips for endometriosis sufferers.


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