Tips to improve your digestive system

Having Healthy Digestive System

Healthy Digestive systemYour colon and your digestive system can affect every aspect of your health from your immune system to your body’s ability to burn fat.  If your colon is not digesting your diet properly, then your body will start to absorb the fat and sugars that you have consumed.  Experts have concluded that most healthy people have around 5-20 pounds of accumulated waste matter sitting inside their colon.  People with a more toxic colon can have approximately 40 pounds of excess waste that should have been expelled.

When you eat, your body absorbs the nutrients that it needs, but it does not efficiently remove the unnatural additives and preservatives.  If more toxic waste is left behind than what was eliminated, there will be a build-up that can eventually turn into excess body fat.  In addition to gaining weight, you will also experience water retention and bloating since the toxins are of an acidic nature and our system has to retain water to neutralize it.

Here are some great tips to lose weight while improving your digestive system!

Eat More Fiber!

One of the main causes for issues with your colon is a lack of fiber in your diet.  Your colon needs fiber to properly digest what we have consumed throughout the day.  When you eat more proteins than your body actually needs, it is difficult for the body to breakdown the excess proteins without fiber. Smoke, smog, chemicals, preservatives and pesticides are all ingested daily without us realizing it.  These toxins settle in your colon and it will become difficult for your internal organs to properly digest everything else you eat unless you have enough fiber in your diet.

Drink Plenty of Water!

Insufficient water intake is a primary cause of constipation which can lead to bacterial build up and inflammation.  Water is designed to cleanse the entire intestinal tract and ultimately improve the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.  It will flush toxins out, so that your colon can function the way it was intended.

Eat Yogurt!

There are over 400 different kinds of bacteria and yeasts in your digestive system and not all of them are bad. Lactobacillus acidophillus and Bifidobacterium bifidum in yogurt are considered good “probiotic” bacteria because they can help to maintain intestinal health.  Choose good quality organic yogurt that adds the active cultures after pasteurization, so the heat processing does not destroy the good bacteria.

Green Tea!

Another great trick to flush out your colon and improve your digestive is drinking herbal green tea.  Green tea is a natural diuretic and it will help flush out toxins to keep things running smooth.

Alternative Methods!

If you have tried eating more fiber, drinking more water, as well as yogurt and green tea but your stomach still isn’t feeling right, there are other alternatives.  There are many colon cleansing or detox products on the market that claim to help flush out the toxins from your body.  You can also try acupuncture which has been used for thousands of years to treat digestive issues.

Everyone’s body has the natural ability to detoxify itself with proper diet, hydration, and regular exercise.  It has been proven that you will feel better and have more energy when your internal system is functioning the way it should.  A healthy colon will lessen the likelihood of common issues like constipation, gas, upset stomach, and bloating. It will also help you keep the weight off and feel better about your body.  Weight loss and better health start on the inside with a healthy digestive system!


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